Service Corps

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well i shared my testimony, i was suppose to share it before the message but it happened to go along with what Captain Eric was sharing in the message, weird how things turn out. I think I did well, at least I felt okay about it. After church we had fellowship at the beach, and that was really fun. The beach was super busy! Mark and Michael decided to go snorkeling and Mark got stung by a jelly fish, they tell me Paco peed on him but I dont think he really did. They always are telling me lies....AND then Mark didn't get enough of the water then so he decided to go back in and he got stung by jelly fish 6 more times. Somehow only he got stung, no one else did. He must have tasty skin. After that Paco, Michael, Mark and Captian Eric decided to swim to a close island, then the climbed to the top of it and we got pictures. On the way back I guess there were tons of jelly fish, so all the kids were catching them in the sand castle bukets, I don't think that was such a good idea, but they had fun. We were at the beach until 10:30 singing praise and worship songs that night! When we got home we were all dead. Mondays are our freeday, so obviously we slept in. But we decided we cant waste this day, we rented Mopeds! Well only me and the boys. This was so awesome! We drove for almost 12 hours on it, and i think it is one of the best ways to see the island. Michael just informed me that he thinks he is the best driver, personally i think i am. We got to see so many little towns and we even got to meet a famous artist named Mariano Navares. He saw us looking at one of his sculptures outside of his workspace and he invited us in! He seemed really happy to talked to us. Today we went to the spanish corps and got ready for our big day tomorrow. Tomorrow we are giving out food, a huge box of food for about 200 people. So today we unloaded the boxes and organized all the food into new boxes to get ready to give out. It was hard work. Captain Eric tells us that tomorrow is going to be hectic. People line up outside the spanish corps, and the line is huge and they are all hoping to get food so things can get a little crazy. This goes on for the whole day and we do the same thing the day after. Please pray that everything goes well for our team, Captain Eric and all the families who recieve food. We hope that all the teams are having a great time and are being blessed just as much as we are.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello everyone,

Things are going well here. BUSY BUSY BUSY is the only way I can describe how things are going. We are getting to experience lots of new things, like how to bathe in a basin, which you have to boil water for. Mornings generally involve waking up at 6 or so. We were in Emangwine this week from Monday to Thursday, then we travelled to Barberton the weekend and did a youth connection there. It was an awesome week, we saw a lot of lives changed!

Right now we are at a mall somewhere in South Africa although where I cannot tell you. We are getting ready to head to Kruger National Park tomorrow! SO EXCITED TO SEE AFRICAN WILDLIFE!!!!

The TYS and his kids are with us, as well as mpumi! All awesome people!

Anyway, gonna log off. Paying by the minute!

Lots of love from the South Africa team (they call us the USA team here)


Hm… hm… HMMM!!!! Two weeks down pretty much and I think I’m finally getting used to Hawaiian time. I think the biggest culture shock to me were the roads. In LA, we go 60, 70, 80, 90 and we don’t think twice. The speed limit in Honolulu is 55. Odd. Not that it’s a bad thing, just different.
But things are good. The people at church have been really warm with us. Especially the kids. They gave me a nickname. Chris Brown. And Steven. Steve Austin. Weird, huh?
The people here are awesome though. They always seem willing and interested to talk. We’ve run into random people on the street or in stores who end up having some sort of relation to people we’ve met at the corps or people we already know.
Auntie Donna is doing much better, thankfully. She’s been witnessing to the people in the hospital from what we’ve heard and she’s recovering beautifully.
I really miss everyone at home; most of all, my girlfriend. I’m missing my dad’s birthday tomorrow, my sister in law’s birthday next week, and my brother’s birthday next month. My friends sent me a video telling me how much they missed me. Couldn’t finish it.
Still, I’m really excited about these next few weeks. Reading scripture tomorrow during the service and helping Steven during Sunday school.
Just so you’ve heard it from me, my team is awesome. And so is Steven, my roomy. Always knows how to cheer me up on those early mornings we have which are many. Can’t imagine having a better roommate.
Mhhm..where to begin this time. Auntie Donna is doing great from my last post! She came back to Hilo and is now recovering; she will be back in the office in the weeks ahead. Thanks everyone for praying for her! We appreciate it. Martina & I got our hair cut by the lovely & talented Bridgette we are so lucky to have her! In other news…we will be starting our Day Camp in Lanakila! I’m so excited for it! We have so much planned, it’s good to be over planned =) I’m crazy…crazy…madly in LOVE with the
People and kiddies here! Amazing! Their passions, hurts, sadness, happiness become apart me! I love what God is doing with me…He’s definitely using, molding, stretching, & challenging me here in Hawaii. It’s truly humbling to me. There is so much more to say but I will allow the other teammates to elaborate on our experiences. I’m blessed to have a great team & great host the Summerfields.
I cant even begin to describe how my first two weeks have gone , amazing. The people here are so friendly and I love talking and learning about them. Well we just finished a week of working at FIS “Family Intervention Center” . it was certainly an interesting experience . but the days that I like the most were the days we went to the beach. Bridgett and I went last Tuesday and we both got sunburnt. Also we got to swim with turtles, it was off the hook. The kids were crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The whole team got to go to the beach on Friday with about 17 kids I was very excited because I had just bought goggles and a snorkel. So I get into the water doing my scuba steve thing and my pocket started to buzz. I guess that I should of taken my phone out of my pocket before getting into the water. So I don’t have a phone anymore. But that’s ok. Next week we are doing days camps and I cant wait to to hang with the kids..P.S. I love my teammates.

So there you have it… thought Id switch it up a bit for all you dedicated readers who are probably wondering if the rest of our team is still alive.. haha by the way, Martina fell asleep and that’s why she didn’t add her input (slacker) lol jk
Anyways, our team is having a good time and everyday seems to be a new adventure! Today we flew to Oahu for Camp Homelani’s wonderful music “school” concert!!! It was so exciting & totally different from music camp in the South West. They had ukulele performances, Hula dancing, amazing choirs, and of course brass band!! It was so fun to see the kids show their talents God blessed them with. And let me tell you, there was a lot of talent going on! Like playing a Ukulele behind their head and girls as young as 9 dancing hula as if it was as natural as breathing! I was truly touched by every performance and getting to hang out with the kidos after was even more entertaining.
But… I’m excited about next week’s day camp! Working with kids is super exciting for me, especially when we are going to THEIR neighborhood. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to share the gospel to children who may have never been told of it before! Just the other day we walked around the community inviting kids to the day camp and I was so shocking to see people actually come up to us to see what we had and ask if they can invite their nieces and nephews and other friends! YES... Adults were walking up to us to see what we were offering! I found this odd because everywhere else that I’ve tried to pass out flyers, seemed like rejection after rejection (which makes me feel lame) lol but everyone was so friendly and thankful which makes it all the more exciting to see the turn-out!
Well I better stop talking because I have to get up early manana and teach some Sunday school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Martina and I have the preschool and kinder! Which is such a fun age. And I think they actually like us! hehe
Well until next time
Mahalo for making it all the way to the end of this blog I hope u enjoyed reading!
Miss you all and still keeping you in prayer…
much Aloha – Bridgette Mendez

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another day in Spain

We are meeting more and more people from the island that makes us really excited. We are having a great time. Funny story, a few days ago we were at the Captains house for lunch and then I had to go to the bathroom. There bathroom is really hard to unlock so I told Rachel if I couldn't get out I would bang on the door. However, there is a door in the hallway and someone closed it while i was in the bathroom which made them not be able to hear me. I was screaming in the bathroom HELP!! and banging on the door and no one came. So then I sat down on the bathroom floor and started to freak out, but God provided a window for me to jump out of. So i decided to open the tiny window that's in the bathroom and fall about 8 feet to get out. Anyway, yesterday was the big youth event Creaction, it was great to see so many kids together hanging out in a safe environment. We talked to a few kids, but after we took two kids out to dinner and that was a great time to fellowship. Today we were waiting at the bus stop to go to church and a lady started talking to Paco. She asked us why we were here, and we told her and she was so happy, she gave us all a huge hug, it was amazing. She contiued to talk to Paco and she had to wooden crosses in her hand and she kept kissing them. Even though I didnt know a lot of what they were saying I knew she loved the lord which made me happy. We invitied her to church, but she lived to far away. So we plan to meet again and maybe make her dinner. Tonight was the spanish service and we were able to bring one homeless man, Guillermo. He has been homeless for 6 years and has five kids. Last night he got beat up and a lot of his stuff got stolen. He took a shower and we gave him some new clothes. Erika, Rachel and I cleaned the bathroom up after him and I must say that has probably been one of the hardest things we have done since we have been here, there was blood everywhere. He attended the service so hopefully he will return again. It was great to see all the spanish people worshiping. Some got down on there knees and just praised God. It was just so amazing to see everyone just loving God. Mark shared his testimony and did really well. Tomorrow is the English service and I am going to share my testimony. I am a little nervous, but I know that it will be Gods words not mine. I am so thankful that I am here, thank you for everyone who is praying and supporting me. I love you!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kids in Kam Tin

                                   Me and Michael

                                   Krystina and Lily

We finally got to go to the corps where 4 of us will be serving next week. Oh my goodness the kids are adorable. We just visited for about an hour during their after school program, where they work on homework and English assignments.  They threw us in there and we each were helping a kid out with their English, which we were experts at :). When the little kids speak English they have an English accent and it's adorable.

The kid I was helping was named Michael. He showed me how to write it in Cantonese, it was crazy intense. I tried to copy it, and it was a valiant effort if I do say so myself, it was fun to try anyway.  He had so many worksheets to complete before he had to go home.  They all spoke English so well, it was a big eye-opener. It's was so cool how they could switch back and forth from Cantonese and English like nothing. I really want to pick up some language while I'm here, it's so beautiful. We are all so excited to start working with the corps and the kids next week. It is going to be amazing. I don't know exactly what the plan is, but I do know that God is in control of that plan, and whatever we do end up doing, it will bring glory to Him. That makes me so happy.

Still praying for everyone. Spain, Chile, South Africa, and Hawaii....


Sarah K and team

Da Kine

"God wen get so plenny love an aloha fo da peopo inside da world, dat he wen send me, his one an ony Boy, so dat everbody dat trus me no get cut off from God, but get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva"
John 3:16

brought to you from "The Jesus Book" (Hawaiian Pidgin)

First of all let me start off with saying... GOD BLESS HAWAII!!!

Not only is Hawaii a beautiful place to be! But the people are so amazing to be around! and that includes everyone our hosts (the Summerfields) to all the volunteers we have had the honor to work with and especially the homeless.

It still blows me away how our group has traveled almost 6 hours to this beautiful island to share the good news to the people, and when we are taken out to the streets to talk to the homeless, it’s like we are being preached to instead!!! These people really know the Bible. They say it LOUD and proud that they are "followers of Christ" and it’s Him who keeps them going everyday! What joy that brings me.

   This week we are working with an organization called Family Intervention Services (FIS) which is a service that helps teens from the ages 10 to 18 who are homeless or runaways. FIS hit the streets with a goal to get these teens out of danger and into a safe environment. They have a facility that can hold 10 females and 10 males!! But unfortunately this program has had a huge budget cut which is forcing one of their offices to close down and move to the shelter. With this big move, space is now limited, everything is being switched around which isn’t too good of a thing! But I know that God is working in that place because where there is a will there is a way!

   Today was one of our most productive days!!! We arrived to FIS around 9am and were put to work right away being that everything has to be moved by Friday. We were handed piles and piles of folders to take apart to be shredded. and just when we thought those stacks were non stopping, in came more files that had to be alphabetized... whew that was seriously never ending name after name, hole punch after hole punch and paper jam after paper jam... hehe it was so much fun!! (No joke) we had our reggae music going with our own personal DJ. and a system down packed!! We were on a roll! We even took some not so light rubbish out to the dumpster. Time was flying by so quickly and I was a wee bit sad to leave!

   OH WAIT!!! I forgot to mention the part where the guys from the shelter made us lunch that was bomb diggity! how could I forget? We had a good time with all the teens.. There personalities are so different and it’s just a joy to be around them! Im looking forward on getting to know them better by the end of our stay!

   God is definitely working here and I feel so blessed to see it happening first hand!! Please keep the people and our team in prayer!
   I think about you all, ALL the time and pray for you everyday! It’s so good to hear all the teams doing such amazing things! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello everyone! Yesterday we cleaned the entire English corps out! It was a big task, but somehow our team still had fun doing it. We disinfected all the toys, organized all the office supplies, and even sorted little beads which took forever, but we did it and danced to music the whole time. We even found 5 huge cockroaches which make me scream but mark just stepped on them and picked them up with his bare hands and threw them away...gross! Then we had a meeting with the city youth center, we are going to be volunteering on Friday for this big youth event called Creaction. I am so excited for this event. Its gives us a chance to meet with the local youth and I hope that there is no language barrier and I will still be able to speak to kids about Christ. Today in Spain is a holiday called Fiesta! It started last night at the beach there were a bunch of families sitting together with candels out everywhere. Paco asked what the holiday was for, and many said it was a magical night, they write a wish on a piece of paper and put it in the fire at midnight and then run into the water where they pray to St. John. The boys stayed down to see all of this happen but us girls went up in our room and packed and just chatted like we normally do. We are moving today into our apartment. We have no idea what its going to be like and we dont know if we will have internet, so this might be our last blog for a while. We miss everyone and we hope you are all doing well. We pray for you all the time. As for everyone at hope, thanks for sending us all the comments on facebook, and all the emails, it really lifts our spirits, we love hearing from you!

Mark 10:45

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well things have been going pretty well. We are glad to hear from the other teams, it sounds like you guys are having a great time and we are constantly praying for all of you! These past few days we have gotten to be involved in two services, the Spanish service which was on Saturday night and the English service which was on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to both of those because I got sick and couldn't stop puking but I went to see the doctor on Sunday afternoon and they gave me 2 shots in a not so nice place but now things are much better. Later on Sunday evening we went to the beach and had some fellowship time with some families and I was even feeling well enough to get out of bed and join! After that the Captains took us to have crapes which were delicious! Today we had a free day so we all went into town. Rachel, Erika and I spent the day shopping which was amazing and shopping is just so much fun! Then we met up with the boys and we went and walked around the cathedral which was beautiful! After all that we took the bus home and we decided we were hungry again so we went to McDonalds and ate and now we are getting ready for our week ahead of us. We are doing work such as painting and fixing anything that needs to be fixed for both corps. I feel so blessed to be able to be here and I thank the Lord everyday for this opportunity to spread his love.

South Africa!!

Rushing, rushing, rushing! That's pretty much what we do everyday! Never a dull moment. :]

Our busy schedule mixed with the limited connectivity of the internet here make it pretty difficult to post but we're doing our best to keep you all updated! This is what's we've been doing the past couple days:

Friday -
Traveled to Lesedi Cultural Village and learned about the four different tribes of people native to South Africa. While we were there we ate bugs and I challenged a Zulu warrior to a stick battle and was immeadiately beaten to a pulp. It was awesome. After that we went to the first day of our child, youth, and young adult ministy in the town of Soweto, a short distance from Johannesburg. I did my first mini-message there! I was SO nervous but I think I did alright. My next opportunity will be tomorrow but it'll be a full length. Ahhhhh!

Anyway, during the youth service we got a taste of African praise and worship and it was something I'll never forget. They just danced, and danced, and danced... It was the coolest thing I've seen here so far, hands down. I didn't know the words to the songs, but I hummed along and danced anyway. Before we knew it, it was midnight and the team had to be up again at 6 to do the whole day all over.

Saturday -
Went to the Apartheid Museum in the morning while the Mission Team went back to get things started at Soweto. The museum was all about the the aparteid system that was dominent in South Africa up until 1994 when Nelson Mandela became the first black president of the country (maybe the world?). It was heartbreaking to see the type of segregation happening here in films so recent when I thought that type of treatment was long gone in the 20th century. How shielded we are in the US. After that we finished the ministry in Soweto and headed back to the Mission House.

Sunday -
I got sick! We got all the way to the Soweto Corps and then I started puking. Bummer. I think it was because I haven't been sleeping very well. Crazy dreams lately. So I missed the service but everyone else said it was really amazing and I can't wait until next Sunday when I get to be a part of it with the rest of the team.

This week we're leaving the Mission House and won't be back for two weeks! We're going to a town called Nelspruit(sp?) where we'll be doing children's and youth ministries until Friday. And then we're doing something else that I'm not sure of. And then our team is going to Kruger National Park for two or three days of enjoying God's natural beauty. Safari! I'm stoked! No hippos please, those things are mean.

And we're off again! Good bye and please pray for the health of our team. Everyone's got some kind of cold.




South Africa is AWESOME, to say the least! We are having an awesome time! In the past few days we have had so many culturally enriching experiences. We visited the Lesedi cultural villages where we got to see how 4 of the different African cultures lived: the Zulu, Bashoto, Xhosa, and Pedi tribes. It was such an amazing experience. We ate crocodile, ostrich, and mopane worms, something we would never eat in America!

Saturday we visited the aparthide museum in Joburg and learned all about South African history and the end of aparthide separated Africa. Nelson Mandela, what a man! After that we ate at a place called Wandie's, which is apparently very famous because it was one of the first public restaurants to open after the aparthide ended! SWEET EATS!

Anyway, things are going very well. We are trying to stay in good health. Pray for that. Andrew wasn't feeling all that well yesterday. But we are all taking our pills and trying to stay healthy.

Unfortunately we aren't going to get the chance to go to Mozambique. With the Confederation cup going on right now, they jacked up the prices for travel Visas into the country and it was going to be much to expensive to get into the country!

Speaking of the Confed Cup, GO USA!! haha in order to make it to the next round they had to beat Egypt 3-0 and Brazil had to beat Italy 3-0 and that exact thing happened! Amazing!

Well, I must sign off. Next person needs to get on since we won't be here for 2 weeks now!



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Common Language

Music is key. Music saved our lives in a sense, not physically but emotionally.  You don't need a translator to understand what people are trying to communicate through music notes, melodies and harmonies. And because of that it brings all sorts of different people together without the awkwardness and difficulty of language barriers and translations.

Saturday night 5 of us went to the Kowloon Central corps's band practice.  Though we couldn't understand a lot of what was going on, the tune books and series books were the same.  The notes didn't have to be translated, we could just participate and really just fit in.  It's sounds corny but after the practice I felt like I belonged, even though I don't fit-in in so many other ways, we all were closer with the corps people that night.  That was so comforting and reassuring. I had been worried about that, not being able to fit in, or mix, that we would only be the Americans, but God really calmed my heart and showed me that it doesn't have to be that way. God has provided for me and us so much already it's humbling when He goes above and beyond to love us and bring people into our lives to show us the love that we so desperately need in a strange place. God is good, all the time, every time.

We are praying for you team Chile, Spain, South Africa, and Hawaii. May the Lord bless and keep you all.


Sarah K and team Hong Kong

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You don't even want to know:

I know what you all are thinking...USA team has an advantage of getting internet and hasn't posted much of anything yet...well no need to Hawaii is here alive and well =)

Our host Lts.Craig and Anney are SO AWESOME & SWEET!! They are the best! cutest couple too! They are so helpful and fun to be with!

I love Hawaii! I'm in AWE!! The beautiful green-ness, flowers, and the RAIN!! Hawaii makes me pause and just think of God and all His splendor! Truly amazing!

This pass week was ALL prepartion for the next weeks to come. We helped by putting finshing touches on VBS: 'Stay Tuned' its a TV show theme for VBS were we will be splittng up the kiddies into TV show groups ( Disney, Cartoon network..etc) We will have the moring beaking...and the evening news! The kiddies will partcipate in the Emmy awards and we will also be workng with another group of young adults as well from the Kroc. The team and I are so excited about VBS it's going to be FUN for the kiddies! We also planned our week long Day Camp! 'Let's eat Jesus fruit!' this will be all about the fruits of the spirit! The team is really good with ideas, crafts, songs, and just planning in general! The team and I are SO excited about the weeks ahead and what God has in store for us.

Auntie Donna, she works at the Hilo Temple Corps in Social Services. She is SO AMAZING! I love her SO much! She was so excited to meet us and asked us all sorta questions about the mainland,our lives, anything in between. She really shows the passion and LOVE for God, which is something that touches my SOUL in many ways that it always overwhlems me when I see her =) She is really eager to teach the team and I a hula dance to "I'm in His hands", which us girls were SO excited for, but the guys just looked at each other. They get to do sign language while us girls learn the art of hula dancing! We're all excited. I thought is was ironic that she wanted to teach us "'m in His hands" because that song touches my heart and it was the song I was singing on the plane in my head on the way here to Hawaii! ahh God is really listening to my prayers and my heart. He knows what's best for ME!

Prayer Request:: Last night Lts. Criag and Anney got a phone call from the hosptial, it was about Auntie Donna, she has a heart complication and will sugery some time in the next few days! If all the teams can pray for her it will be GREATLY apperciated. Thanks

"We are all pencils in the hand of a writing God, who is sending love letters to the world"--Mother Teresa

We are praying for you ALL!! LOVE you all SO much and MISS you too =)

until nxt time


Bee && Team USA Hawaii

Our first few days in Chile...

My heart felt torn as I looked at all of the children in the rusted metal hospital beds around me. Ages ranged from infant to three and four year olds. Most of the kids that were awake were crying or looking bewilderedly about the room from their parent's arms. The rest were lying in feverish sleep. Worried parents stood at each bedside, some with tears in their eyes. All we had to offer was hot milk and some prayer as their children laid there, possibly dying. One of my team members, Geo, asked me to pray for a little girl with a plastic bubble around her head. She wasn't more than two. In the middle of the prayer I choked up and ran out of words. What was there to say? Her uncle cried silently as I handed it over to Geo, who picked up the prayer in Spanish. There was another man at his infant's bedside with tears in his eyes. The baby wasn't moving, it laid there in a bundle, hooked up to oxygen and IVs. Such were the rooms we visited throughout the children's hospital. These kids were dying of some sort of pneumonia virus that could probably be treated in an American facility, and here they were in cold metal cribs. 

My eyes teared up constantly throughout the night as we handed out meager cups of steamed milk and offered prayer to whoever wanted it. It wasn't easy. I realized how blessed we are in America. I was also saddened by the fact that this kind of ministry is illegal in "the land of the free." I felt so humbled by the fact that I go about my day to day life, my job and school, without a single thought to people who are suffering and in pain all over the world; people who could be comforted and changed by steamy milk in a plain white styrofoam cup and hands on prayer. 

Another thing that has touched my heart is the way these people worship. The Chileans aren't wealthy. Most of the living areas are pretty "ghetto" by our standards. Even though they struggle through life physically and financially, they gather to worship with all of their hearts. In their meetings, they cry out to God. They expect to be changed and touched by the holy spirit. They are hungry for God and for the Word. And God ALWAYS shows up. Their passion and zeal for our Lord is both humbling and inspiring. It has only been three days, but I've already learned enough with my team for a lifetime. I can't imagine what the rest of the summer has in store...but I'm really excited! 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Spain so far...

Since we have been here we were able to fellowship with a group of moms and tots. This was so amazing. The kids are adorable and they speak spanish its so cute! Then later that night we went out and fed the homeless and walked a lot all over town. Paco and Erica were really good at talking to them and spreading the word of God because they spoke spanish but it was a really good expierence to hand out food until midnight to all kinds of people. We even sang with a group of homeless and one of them was super good at the guitar. He played rumba music and had an amazing voice. After he wanted us to play so we sang Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord, and even though we sang it in english, i still think that we planted a seed in their heads. And one of the ladies we were singing to had a crush on Mark. Yesterday we practiced all the things that we are doing for the 2 church services on Saturday and Sunday, hopefully everything will go as planned, so please pray for our group, we are leading a worship group and Erika and Michael are both sharing their tesitmonies. Today was a little bit of a relaxing day. We woke up at 7 and we went to the beach to work out and swim a little, then Captain Eric took us to the most beautiful church I have ever seen. The buildings here are gorgeous. They are all different and everything that sourrounds the buildings are beautiful. Its so amazing to think that God created all of this! Tonight we decided it would be nice to give the Captians a break from their five kids so Erika and I are babysitting. The kids are in bed and its nice and quiet! We love hanging out with them, there is always something exciting going on. We are starting to plan for our VBS and our them is Creation Exploration. Pray that everything will come together and that the kids will be blessed by the ministry we bring to them. I hope everyone is doing well! We miss all of you guys and we are praying for you!

Becky and Team Spain

Hong Kong Madness

Wow, it has been quite an adventure to say the least.  We finally made it onto a flight, all 5 of us at the same time, to Hong Kong!  On the airplane we made friends with the flight steward/stewardess and they gave us great information about what to see and contact info just in case we are lost or are in an emergency.  They were so sweet and helpful.

When we landed we encountered a problem. I got sick the last night of commissioning and so coming through customs they took my temperature....37.5 celsius=slight fever. And in Hong Kong a fever= swine flu.  I was escorted by the health officers to a doctor...and blah blah...they released me...thank goodness.  The next day Me, Sarah W and Krystina all had to see a doctor who ended up prescribing us so many medications it was intense. Luckily none of us had a fever. :) Now we are on the mend and all is well.

The people here are so gracious. One of our hosts (Judy) is the sweetest person. She is also our translator, though we are really trying to pick up the language, at least a little of it.  They have provided us with everything we could need.  We are staying in an amazing apartment that fits all 6 of us in the Kowloon Tang Hang Tung area.

The food is amazing.  They keep giving us all kinds of fish, pork, chicken, and beef dishes and they are all so delicious.  They have these steamed bread balls with yummy custard inside of them...after today's lunch with the officers at the training college we are almost professionals at using chop sticks...some more than others :)

Major Chan took us to THQ in Yau Ma Tei and showed us around all of the departments and introduced us to the employees and officers who run all the programs in the area.  We also met the bandmaster of the Kowloon Central Corps, so we will be going to band practice tomorrow night and playing in the service Sunday morning.

Agnes, another of our new friends too us to the women's market by THQ.  And by women's market, that means everything a woman could want, seriously.  Jewelry, purses, shoes, clothes, jade, luggage, and random goodies all super cheap.  There we practiced our bargaining skills (pen dei laa) translated means "go cheaper" and it works.  We stopped and bought some boba because we were so thirsty after walking around for hours.  Everything is so fast paced here, even the escalators and the MTR(Subway) go at lightening speeds...but it gets us to where we need to be faster.

Tomorrow Shalini comes and then our team will be complete. It feels like we have already been here for weeks, we even got home on the MTR all by ourselves today, it was such an accomplishment.  We all love it here...the food, the business, the people are all so amazing. We are all looking forward to the adventures we have ahead, so keep an eye out for more blog posts.  

We are praying for the other teams and wishing you the best in your ministries!

Love, Sarah Kalentermidis


Thursday, June 18, 2009

South Africa!

"If this keeps up, I'm probably going to get sick and die."

Ha! That's the quote I woke up to this morning.

Although that sounds grim, South Africa is fantastic and has blown away all of the expectations I wasn't suppose to have. Completely and in the best way possible.

How does hip hop dancing in the name of the Lord sound to you guys? If it doesn't sound good then do not come to the Mission House in Joburg. The young adults of the Salvation Army here are finding ways to connect to the youth of South Africa through clean hip hop music and nearly professional level choreographed dance routines.

It is amazing!

So guess what Team South Africa was doing for most of the day yesterday? That's right! Bustin' a move in God's honor! Ha! It was so cool. And today we had a welcoming meeting at THQ (Territorial Headquarters in South Africa) where not only did Vasti, Rachel, and Matthew totally impress everyone with a testimony and the message, but with the help of the Mission Team we got all the Majors and Chief and Coronals on their feet participating in the dance that we learned. Talk about a miracle. ;)

But in all seriousness, glory to God. Personally, I did not feel like we were prepared when we walked in but God really worked through us and showed me once again that I'm a fool and I should just keep my negative thoughts to myself. ;) It was fantastic and I can't wait for my first opportunity to speak tomorrow at a youth gathering in Soweto. Please pray that the Lord really works though me because public speaking is my biggest fear.

Anyway, I'm glad all the teams finally made it to their destinations! We're praying that Stephany finds her pants and that the British people above Team Spain quites down! May God bless all the teams and their efforts. And I wish I had an encouraging verse to share but I don't so just know that if you all keep your focus on doing the Lord's will and you keep a humble attitude, things will work out!

I'm up way too late and I don't want to get sick so I'm going to bed! Goodnight!


Thank You!

Commissioning may only be a dim memory for you as you each have experienced unique, demanding, joyful times this past week, but I did want to say Thank you.

Your assistance during the Commissioning Events was fantastic. Your energy and cooperative spirit was appreciated as you helped in such a variety of ways, as program participants, during Bible Bowl, running errands, carrying boxes and many other ways. It was good practice for these next few weeks as you practice being servant leaders.

Reading your blogs yesterday reminded me of the variety of opportunities Service Corps provides. Remember to practice Micah 6:8 and my prayer for you is found in Colossians 3: 15-17,
"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God the Father through him."

May you find joy in each day, and blessings and growth in each new experience.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Night and day in ATLANTA!!

Our flight was delayed monday by three hours causing us to miss our Flight to Santiago, Chile. Our team spent the nite at a ghetto inn where hookers roamed around, the beds were stained and the tub was filled with rust! We werent anywhere near our destination but Service Corps had began. 
The Following morning our team made a new friend named " Mauricio" which we spent the whole day under the heat and had no extra cloths to change into. We got to pray with Mauricio and he became very attached to all of us. As a matter of fact he guided us around he Santiago Airport.
Now its our first day here and we are located in Puente Alto at a Children day care Center.
it is freezing and we have not slept well in days but that doest take our excitement away. stephanie lost her bag with her uniform and all her pants,but she is still going strong. pray for her pants!!
We are confident in that God is with us and everything happens for a reason.
1st Corithians 2:9

Our first day here!

Well we didn't get much sleep last night because there are some wild British people that don't go to sleep and like to make lots of noise and break plates and glasses on the ground. It is absolutely beautiful here! Our host family is great, they have 5 kids and we had a delicious dinner yesterday that Captain Adrianna made for us. There was never a dull moment with having 5 kids run around. This morning me, Rachel and Erika are going to go to the mom and tots fellowship, and we are excited to start interacting with other people from the island. We are glad to hear from South Africa and it seems like you are having an amazing time. We are praying for all the teams and would love to hear from all of you!

Romans 8:28

Love Becky and Team Spain

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh my goodness! Africa! We are here and it is so amazing!

The flight was long but we made it without incident and our luggage all arrived as well so we really don't have anything to complain about. The reception that we recieved at the Mission House here in Johannesburg was awesome. Chicken and beef with gravy and salad and scalloped potatos and banana ice cream and cupcakes and much, much more. Delicious. :]

We'll be spending the bulk of our time here in South Africa with another young adult mission team made up of ten men and women from all over South Africa. When we arrived tonight they were all so energetic and eager to meet us. It was very overwhelming because I can tell that the expectations of us are high and the last thing I want to do is let them down. Keep us in your prayers for that, please!

Anyway, tomorrow we go through an orientation and find out more about what we'll be doing while we're here. I'm very excited for what God has in store for us and to see how he's going to use us throughout this trip. I hope we're as much a blessing to these people as they have been to us so far!

Thank you all for your prayers and support and know that we're praying for all the other Service Corps teams as well!

Good night!


Welcome to Africa

It has been a very long, but very adventurous day. But after it all, we are in South Africa with the most awesome people. The flight to Atlanta was long, and the flight to South Africa was longer. As soon as we met up with the territorial youth secretary, we headed out to where we would be living for the next six weeks. We pulled up to the driveway and were met with open arms by the mission team that is here for the year. Although it is cold, it is going to be awesome. Tomorrow we will be going over what we will be doing while we are here.
Dinner and fellowship was great. Everyone was laughing and talking and enjoying themselves. I am still struggling to remember everyones names, but I will say they are cool.
I had my ideas of what Africa would be like and this experience so far has surpassed that. It is a big city, lots of people, lots of cars, and lots of stuff going on. So, from what I have seen so far, it is going to be a busy summer. Nick and I played pool with some of the guys, (Mali, Uncle, and Peter) and had a good time talking about life in Africa and life in the United States.
Today I read from Isaiah 47-49 and it taught me about humility, love, and mercy. One of my prayers is to experience those things, and I feel I have felt some already.

Welcome to South Africa

We are here

Hello all,

Happy to say that we have made it safely to South Africa! After a 20 hour flight, full of lightning storms and lots of trubulence, we are in Johannesburg, or Joburg as they call it. We arrived at the aiport at about 5:45 South Africa time, which is about 8:45 AM West Coast time. The awesome TYS's picked us up from the airport with their kids and we are staying with the Mission Team. The Mission Team is sort of like a Rev Hawaii type program here in Johannesburg and they stay in South Joburg and go out to surrounding villages and the like spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are so excited to be here and can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for us! We have internet access for now, don't know about how much we will have it in the future, but we will try to blog every once in a while. Please keep us in your prayers!

To all the other Service Corps teams, WE LOVE YOU GUYS and hope you are doing well in your countries! POST BLOGS SO WE CAN SEE WHAT IS GOING ON!

Boa Noite (good night in Portuguese)



Hey everyone!!!
We've made it safely to the lovely island of Mallorca. After nearly 20 hours of traveling and sporatic plane sleep we are exhausted but excited for the work the Lord has sent us here to do! Its extremely hot and muggy here, but the beaches are gorgeous the city has an awesome old world Spanish feel :) Anyways, we just wanted to let you all know that we've arrived safely! Only one missing bag during the whole trip (Becky's bag is apparantly still in Madrid)! Thanks for your support and prayers... Hopefully we'll be able to update this pretty often with exciting news and stories from our stay here! We'll be praying for you all at home and all of you other wonderful service corps teams :)


Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello All-

Team USA has made it to the lovely Hawaii. The flight was great except Bridgette is getting sick hopefully the medicine will work and the sleep helps too!

Our host are G R E A T love the Summerfields =)

Praying for Teams Hong Kong && Spain!! Praying for ALL teams always!! Hope everyone is having a safe flight and great time flying! Love and miss everyone

until next time


Team USA...Hawaii


Well...the day is finally here. We are leaving for South Africa! It seems like time has flied by in preparation for this wonderful opportunity! I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in this endeavor!

We fly out at 11:05AM and get to Johannesburg sometime Wednesday morning, their time of course. Please be in prayer for me and my team. It will definitely be appreciated! DON'T STOP!
God is going to do amazing things this summer! Can't promise that my blogs will be any longer than this for the rest of the summer since we will probably have limited internet access.



Nick :)