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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Matina's Post


This week we are doing VBS at the Hilo Temple Corps. It will be us, team USA with the Kroc center staff from Oahu, including Liane, the Youth director at the Hilo Temple Corps including the Corps officer, Lt. Summerfields. The theme for the VBS is “Stay Tuned,” it’s going to be like a TV report. So, what I meant is that we are going to be wanna be TV reporters. We are telling Bible stories in videos just as someone is interviewing us in CNN or those News Channels about what’s going on in our lives. But, let me tell you that our TV channel is not called CNN or those other News channels, instead it’s called NTTV, which is New Testament is the News Testament. How about that!
Guess what? On Monday morning, Team USA dressed in their team shirt that their team leader made, also the Kroc team on their red t-shirts all excited to share God’s Word, their talents, and to interact with the kids that who knows from where. So, we were all waiting for the van to come back from picking kids from the housing project. Then, there they came at ten o’clock two kids with their brother who is 14 years old, who would be our help in the kitchen. For the kids that are able to come would be 7-12 years old.
I could see how kind of funny it was having two kids with more than 10 leaders. But you know what? We still did the VBS just as we had a lot of kids. We never gave up or lose courage of what we planned for weeks. We interacted with the kids and played games if we were not leading them. We sang songs and continue on with the VBS for that day. Oh, let me tell you about these kids that came today, Monday the 13th, they are first of all BROTHERS, active ADVENTURES, active SUNDAY SCHOOL, and name it all for all corps events.
I guess the reason why there were not a lot of kids on Monday was because most of the corps kids are in camp. They are coming back tonight and who know how many kids will come on Tuesday?
Well, let me tell you? LOl, I guess I sound like a news reporter already after watching the NTTV for three days already. Do you remember me telling you that there were only two boys on Monday? Guess how many kids came on the Next day? The number of kids on Monday multiplied ten times; imagine multiplying it with the number of ten leaders that day on the next day.
Half of the kids were typical corps kids on Tuesday and half were their friends, including a family that really loved to involve in the army activities. I asked the mom who brought her kids with her relative how did she find out about the VBS, she said that the family were driving down to town to do some errand. They saw the signs that we stick infront of the corps gate and the kids asked their mom if they wanted to come. So, yesterday, she came on time with them.
Today, the lady’s son brought two friends with him. It was so amazing how I get to talk and just find out how she know about the VBS during our lunch. She has a baby boy who is like one or two years old; she stays with the kids in VBS all day long. She helps serves the kids during lunch time and during our rotations. It’s really awesome, when you know that it’s not a day care thing, parents too gets involve.
I know we army really care about “status”, but it’s scriptural that wherever there two or more people in the house of the Lord, there I will be in the middle. So, as long as we win these kids to Christ, that’s what really matter. We probably might try to give expensive stuffs to the kids to get them involve, but if we lose tract of the main reason to tell the Good News to these kids, then it wouldn’t matter what we’re doing.


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