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Friday, July 17, 2009


It feels like I havent posted something in a there might be a lot. Well last Saturday Paco preached for the Spanish corps and I heard he did really well (i was watching the kids in the other room) and then on Sunday Michael and I tag team preached and Michael also did really well too, and I think I did okay. It was a good experience and I really want to do more of it. Then Sunday afternoon we had to get ready for Vacation Bible School so we decorated the corps. Our theme was Creation Exploration. Each day was a new day that God created, so the first day God created light, and so on...We were in charge of morning and afternoon electives. Rachael and Erica did art, Paco taught guitar, I taught dance, and Mark played outdoor games and Paco and I did an afternoon choir. Electives were probably one of my favorite parts of the day. The kids really opened up to us, and we definitely not shy like they were on the first day. We were also in charge of preparing a skit each day. I think the most popular skit we did was one that invovled mark drinking a special smoothie we made for him. It was the day that God made plants. We each had picked a fruit and ate the fruit, but after we ate the fruit we brushed our teeth and spit everything into one pitcher. At the end Mark "thought" this was a smoothie and drank the entire thing! The kids loved it, Mark not so much. VBS is one of my favorite things we have done this summer. It was the first that they had ever had on the island and the kids were so appreciative and they even asked if we could stay and do this the rest of the summer. Today we went to the aquirium and got to watch the shark feeding, and the whole time the kids kept singing the baby shark song we taught them. During this week, on Wednesday night we also went to the homeless feeding. We need lots of prayer for our friends! Jose is in the hospital right now, we only know that something is wrong with his liver, and Carlos tried to commit suicide on Monday. Paco, Michael and I stayed with him and he is very down. He says that it would be better to go to hell then to be here. We bring up many parts of the bible with him, and pray with him, and he says that he will be at church on Saturday, but please keep him in your prayers. Tomorrow is the graduation of VBS and everyone gets to perform what they have done, hopefully everything will go well. I can't believe this summer has gone by so fast, we only have 2 weeks left. It is a bittersweet feeling. We miss everyone!


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