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Monday, July 13, 2009

A day of firsts

I am not exactly sure how to put this. I guess today was a day of firsts. I played volleyball in South Africa with South Africans, I played rugby-soccer, and ate seven pink and white marshmallows. But nothing will compare to Saturday nights service. We were at what is called a Y-Connexion; much like our youth councils. It started out as a talent show and ended with intercessory prayer, and with demons being cast out of the youth. Things began with an altar call. Then a couple of the Mission Team members asked me to pray with one of the youth, a sixteen year old boy. After about a minute of prayer, which was very intense, the boy fell over and began shaking. I was not sure what was going on, so I just held onto his leg and prayed. I dont remember what I was saying, but I know that I repeated my prayer over and over. My first thought was that he was slain in the Spirit. But then, a girl fell over, and like seven or eight people fell on her and began shouting things like, "Leave her! You cant have her! Get out of her in Jesus name!" At that point, I figured ther was some supernatural stuff going on. This girl was on the ground shaking for like ten minutes. Then a third girl was layed on the ground. To be honest, I had only seen that on T.V. But I can firmly say that I saw God at work that night. I was a little freaked out and I was not sure if it was spiritual forces of evil or what. I definitely believe that God revealed Himself in a way I had never expected. I have read Ephesians 6 many times, and it talks about a battle of spiritual forces of evil. That stuff is real and it is at work in our world today. We can sit and try to justify it, with our own ideas that make sense to us. My thoughts are this: there is a spiritual world and we need to take time to look at that. God cannot be confined in a box, so things will not always make sense to us.


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