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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let the GOOD times ROLL...

Day Camp @ Lanakila…

Haven’t been updated in FOREVER…sad face. Anyways we had our day camp “Let’s Eat Fruits” Fruit of the Spirit. It was an amazing experience to have. Our first day we had 12 kiddies…by the end of day camp we had almost 30ish kiddies attending day camp with us! As the week progressed some kiddies were standing outside the Lanakila Center waiting for us to arrive and help us unload the van with all the materials & goodies inside. It’s soo touching to see that the kids that came really wanted to learn about Jesus and interact with one another. They love learning about the Fruit of the Spirit and saying the verse… saying “we still know the verse from day camp” Some of the kids that came were from the Corps, and they were so eager to come up to all of us in the chapel to recite the verse to us! It was truly an AMAZING site to see because not only were they reciting it to us, but to everyone who was listening in the chapel. It’s so GREAT and INSPIRING to know we are planting seeds for the kingdom of God. I love it. I would say it was a little stressful for me at times because I over think things but I’m so thankful that Jesus was right by my side, guiding me and calming my heart & mind. I’m also thankful I have a God who UNDERSTANDS! Amen! On Wednesday, we have the feeding program, day camp, and youth programs! It was so AWESOME to see some of the kids from day camp join us for youth programs. My prayer for the Lanakila families was/is to see the eagerness of their kids, to join with them and encourage them to attend the Hilo Temple Corps. To get involved in their lives and to see the light of Jesus in their children! It will always be my prayer! I truly felt God’s presence there working through the team & planted seeds in all the kiddies.

Kona 2-a-day…

After we were done with day camp, Christian gave an AMAZING & POWERFUL testimony! It was so good and I know the people of the congregation felt the love of Jesus Christ through Christian’s testimony. Later that afternoon we headed for Kona! We met up with Maj Rods, drove to their house and had fellowship with Maj Rods, his parents, the young adult: Marvin, Tersy,& Erin! It was a can’t stop, my tummy hurts, cheeks hurts, omg…hilarious NIGHT!! All of us young adult were encouraged and inspired by Maj Rod mother to pray for our life long partners…even through facebook! It was so funny. Monday…we helped chaperone the corps kiddies along with Erin, Tersy, & Marvin to the beach for the day! Talk about FUNNS! Marvin, Martina, Bridgette, Christian, and I had a photo shoot on the beach…thanks to talented Maj Rod for his photography skills. Tuesday, they took us to City of Refugee were we just hang out and talk story with everyone. It was great! I really Maj Rod and his devotionals with us in the morning…

Back to Hilo we go…

Tuesday night we drove back to Hilo. Wednesday-Friday we worked and did preparation for our VBS “Stay Tuned” We set up the chapel to look like a News Station, went around Hilo filming video for our news (the Bible story) and really trying to make VBS a successful one…
VBS “Stay Tuned…” in a nut shell

This week has finally come and went! It’s VBS!!!!!!!! The Kroc Team from Oahu came in on Sunday night…we all went to go pick them up from the airport…took them back top the Corps to brief and then get some sleep for the BIG DAY!!

Our Schedule for VBS:

Opening Credits & Morning News: greetings, rules, songs, bible story, Intro to Memory Verse

Game Show

Rotation 1 Media Room: Making a Bible story video
Rotation 2 Stay Tuned Music Channel: Hip Hop class
Rotation 3 ESPN: Creative Sports

Closing Credits and Commercials: Wrap up day, recap memory verse, ads for tomorrow

Monday we only had 2 kids…who were brothers and FULL of energy! The bible story was Feeding 5000, teaching the kids about multiplying blessings. The game we had set up was Jeopardy which was SO much funs! There memory verse for the day was:
“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” Matthew 6:33
Why did we only have 2 kids on our first day!? Thought you would never ask…that’s because Christian & Liane went to pick up kids from Camp Homelani from SAY camp! So we ended VBS…and set up & prepare for Tuesday! OH man Tuesday was FULL with children! We had about 19ish kids…they learned about Jesus walking on water, teaching them to focus on the goal, game we played was Wheel of Fortune, and the memory verse for the day was:
“I can do everything with Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13
Wednesday we had about 20-25ish kid come! Taught them about the Ten Lepers, played/did So you think you can dance, and the memory verse was:
“We praise you God for your name is near, people tell of your wonderful deeds” Psalm 75:1
Thursday the kid really started to bring some friends! 25kids for VBS!! Yay! Our Bible story was the Prodigal Son, teaching the lovely kids about family fighting and rejoice. Can you guess what game we played for this?? If you guessed Family Feud you are CORRECT!! This was such a fun game to play with them! Our memory verse was drum roll please…
“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” John 16:33
Friday has come and I was on EDGE! I was really sad! Talk about emotions! We had tons of kids! At least 30ish kids!! The Bible story was Lazarus and we taught them about deciding for life or death…yep we played Deal or No Deal! They had a lot of funs! No joke! The kids & leaders themselves we’re very interactive in the game! Our memory verse:
“If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised from the dead you will be saved” Romans 10:9

God has really impacted not only the team, kroc team, and I…but also the kids. God has really challenged me this week, in many ways that I can barely begin to understand… We planted seeds all for God’s glory and plan…We are winning kid for Christ. My prayer for this week, and continues to be…we planted seeds, now God is doing His work. Praying for the children and their families and the children begin to come and bring more kids and their families to the Hilo Temple Corps!! I strongly believe in my heart and SOUL that the Hilo Temple Corps has so much positive opportunity to bring growth to the Corps! I know and pray that in the next few weeks, months, and years that the Hilo Temple Corps will be where is should be…in tune with God’s mighty plan continuing to do His work for His kingdom.

Mahalo for reading Team Hawaii post && making it to the end! We all are doing GREAT! Being used, stretched, and challenged by God in different ways! Continuing to pray for all Service Corps teams! Can’t wait to talk story with all of you about your experiences! Keep us in your prayers!

Love in Christ,

Team Hawaii


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