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Friday, July 31, 2009


I was told that in Lesotho I would see spiritual warfare. I wasnt exactly sure what was meant by that, but I can say that I had an idea. So the other day all of us went to a park, which had the steepest, tallest slides a park has ever seen, and just talked one-on-one with each other. I talked to: Andrew, Esther, Gugu, Jenni-Lee, and Joe. It was good to just share the impact the person had on me. Afterwards, we put on what is called Kids Connexion; the last one in Lesotho. It was so sweet. In one hall, there were so many cultures. Here are a few: Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa, and American, which is a mixed breed as well. We were all there to watch some of the traditional Lesotho dances. It was a real blessing. Before the kids program finished, one of the leaders pulled me aside and asked if I could pray for one of the dancers. So, I went back and saw the girl on the ground with three or four others surrounding her, but she was not moving or responding to anyone.
People were praying, so I began to pray. Then I noticed it looked like she was not breathing. Others noticed as well. I was getting worried at that point, but we all continued to pray. I think it was about ten minutes before I saw her began to move.Someone brought a cup of water and she slowly came to and be helped into a chair. But I went back into the other room and saw a bunch of people around another girl. Prayers were going out, but these were intense and I heard the cries of the release from satan. I stood at a distance and prayed. With the first girl, I heard similar prayers. But the second girl sat up and was breathing, crying, but OK. Later on, I was told that one of the girls had a medical condition. After asking God, the only thing He told me was "spiritual warfare".
After the kids program, Captain asked Rachel, Moses, and I to pray and talk with a girl named Nkoole. She was like nineteen or twenty. It was really emotional, but also a breakthrough for her. I ask that you would continue to pray for her. She told us that she knows that God has something better for her and she is willing to give up what she was struggling with. Sadly, this was our final youth night in Lesotho. Although it was freezing, I know that God was working the week we were there.


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